Griflion M8 LiPo Battery Drone

Griflion M8 UAV

Griflion M8 is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV with the V shape tail which is made of composite material. Griflion M8 is capable of long-distance cruise flying, features long duration time, fast cruising speed, and high working efficiency, etc. Griflion M8 is compatible with the orthographic camera, the oblique camera, and electro-optical pod to run a high precision surveying or patrol mission.





Model  Griflion M8 
Takeoff and landing type  VTOL 
Body material  Carbon fiber and composite material 
Wingspan/body length  2500mm/1486mm 
Net weight  5.5kg 
Max. Takeoff weight  12kg 
Max. Payload weight  1~2kg 
Max. Climb speed  7m/s 
Efficiency cruise speed  90 Km/h 
Max. Flight speed  126 Km/h 
Flight time  150min 
Max. Flight distance  200km 
Control radius  15km 
Max. Altitude AMSL  5000m 
VTOL switch altitude  120m 
Positioning accuracy  1cm–1ppm 
Positioning system  RTK+PPK 
RTK/PPK update frequency  5Hz, Up to 100Hz 
Others  Auto takeoff and landing, autopilot, the 
black box function 
Drone assemble time  5min (by a single operator) 
Drone disassemble time  10min (by a single operator) 
Max. Wind resistance  12 m/s 
Working temperature  -20~60℃ 
IP level  IP56 




Griflion M8 UAV Data Sheet

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