Griflion M7 LiPo Battery Drone

Griflion M7 UAV

Griflion M7 is a 7kg electric power VTOL fixed-wing released by MMCUAV. To Aim at survey and mapping market, MMC focus on long duration, and long range ability at design stage, optimize the detail of pneumatic control, and promote the power system. Taking the advantage of modularize design, M7 could be assembled in 1 minute for better user experience. The isolating payload chamber design, could let the user switch payload between ortho photo camera and 3D-mapping camera quickly based on project demands.
Griflion M7 using quadcopter and fixed-wing structure together, combine the advantages of VTOL and long range, able to suit different application scenario, modularize structure and aviation complex material can assure its reliability.


Griflion M7 Video






Griflion M7

Takeoff and Landing Type VTOL
Size 2400*1100*330mm
Net Weight 4.2kg


Max. Takeoff Weight


Max. Payload Weight 1kg
Max. Climb Speed 6m/s
Max. Ascent Speed 5m/s
Efficiency Cruise Speed 70km/h
Max. Flight Speed 100km/h
Flight Time 100min
Max. Flight Distance 100km
Control Radius 15km
Max. Altitude AMSL 4000m
Positioning Accuracy 1cm±1ppm


Max. Wind Resistance


Working Temperature -20~60℃

Flight Control

Positioning Module


Flight Mode Autonomous and semi-autonomous
Flight Functions One-click remote/Out-of-control Return/Low-Battery Return Autonomous take-off and landing/Auto-route/Black box

Power System

Electric Speed Control

40/60A Brushless ESC

Motor 600W Brushless Motor
Propellers 14-15 inches customized propellers
Ingress Protection IP45
Battery Capacity 18000mAh